PostHeaderIcon Announcement: Things about Which the Pilgrims Should Be Careful During Hajj

Hajj is an obligatory act and occupies very important position in the various forms of Islamic worship. It is compulsory to perform hajj once in a life if one can afford and is able to travel being physically fit and can tackle hajj expenses. So every Muslim tries his best to perform this essential religious duty as soon as possible. There are many Cheap Hajj and Umrah packages including flights and Hotels available for middle-standard people. While performing this religious duty, you must be careful about something. Many mistakes are done by the pilgrims which can decrease your reward or even can demolish your Hajj just because of the lack of knowledge. So you must have some understanding and knowledge about those things.

Having Strong beliefs (Aqidah):

Being Muslim your beliefs must be according to the Quran and Hadith and your all actions not only during your Hajj but also in your life must be according to the Shariah of Islam without any false interpret. Many Pilgrims pray to the grave when they travel to Madinah, they make Dua to the prophet of Allah (PBUH), this act is totally against the Islamic constitution. This could not only ruin your hajj but also nullify the Islam of those who do so. So don’t make Dua to anyone except Allah. Your intention to go Madinah must be to visit the mosque of Muhammad (PBUH), Masjid Al-Nabwi rather than making Dua to the Prophet.

Common Mistake done by the pilgrims while in Ihram:

Ihram is the specific dress that is essential to wear for Hajj and Umrah, and you don’t have to pass the place called Miqat without being in the state of Ihram. Be careful! If you are landing at Jeddah and are going to Mecca directly to perform Umrah, you must be in the state of Ihram, as Jeddah is inside the Miqat. So you need your Ihram, towels with you on the plan in your luggage if you are landing directly at Jeddah. Women need not to wear specific dress; they can wear anything Islamically permissible as their Ihram. Don’t uncover your right shoulder until you reach the Kabah and being Tawaf. You are not allowed to shave your hears before, during and after Ihram. You are not allowed to wear stiches in Ihram which means you cannot wear pieces of cloth which are sewn together to wrap your body such as T-shirt. For both men and women, it is recommended to bath with unscented soap before wearing the Ihram, when beginning your Ihram, do it from where you are, e.g. in your hotel on the street or airplane.

Things to be noted during your Tawaf (circumambulation the house of Allah):

While doing Tawaf, you don’t have to say your intention out loud as Prophet never did except after Ihram. You don’t have to touch the black stone at any cost, if there is crowd you may face your hand toward the black stone and say Allah-o-Akbar, don’t hurt or push anyone to kiss the black stone. Same you don’t have to kiss the Yemeni Corner, you may only face it. While touching or facing, don’t worship the black stone, you have come here to worship only Allah.

Make Dua by yourself and don’t pray in the shouting group around the Kabaah, just read Quran and make your Dua by your heart and glorify Allah. The Kabaah should be to your left, don’t back to the Kabah during the Tawaf. Don’t stand at the black stone for a long time, just move on.
Things to be noted when you are in Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah:

First you should confirm about the location whether it is inside or outside the border. Second don’t reserve a place beyond your need as people are searching place for their rest and sleep. Don’t waste your precious hajj time in vain chit-chat rather spend your time as maximum as you can in Zikar, glorifying Allah, reciting Quran, and offer prayers. It is not necessary to go to the Mt. of mercy in Afafat, many people hurt themselves and other because of huge crowd. You cannot leave Afafah before Magrib time. Make sure you are at Muzdalifah before you stop and rest, it is common mistake occurred by some pilgrims they think they are at Muzdalifah but actually they are not. There are many other mistakes which are done by many pilgrims, so you should know all those before preparing for Hajj.

PostHeaderIcon Indonesia’s most exclusive hotel makes your visit worth mesmerizing!


If you have vacations on your mind, then your itinerary must include travelling in Indonesia. People these days make best use of technology by planning their visit as per their wish list. This includes all the necessary arrangements starting right from air tickets , booking hotels, list of sight scene places, packing, etc. undoubtedly, this prior planning helps in enjoying every bit of a trip planned in advance.

Mandatory visiting places in Palembang

Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra area and is the second biggest city on the island of Sumatra. Some time ago, Palembang Srivijaya Empire acclaimed for its presence, the biggest Buddhist kingdom in Southeast Asia. And also the pempek, Palembang additionally has tourism potential that is not inferior compared to different urban communities in Sumatra. No visit to Palembang would be completed without stepping out the beautiful Ampera Bridge, which is an icon symbol of Palembang where you can easily buy souvenirs and fill the stomach. If you are a music buff, Musi River is the right place for a culinary tour in the city of Palembang. If you are adventurous freek, Punti Kayu Forest Park is the apt place for you where you can enjoy the best jungle experience. There are also other places such as The Great Mosque of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin, The flower garden fish, stadium Sriwijaya, Niagara Lematang Beautiful and much more, which is soothing the eyes of visitors to indulge in its elegant beauty.

While you plan your visit if you are looking for best room to stay, then Favehotel Palembang is just apt for you. It will make your visit worth enjoying and comfortable with its services that it will provide you. If you have more vacation time, then don’t miss these amazing places


  • Jakarta- If you have dreams of watching heaven on Earth, then this country’s capital, Jakarta fits in your dream. White sand, crystal clear water, brilliant landscape, chilled atmosphere is some of the enticing things that invite you to the place. Don’t forget to visit Tiger Island if you are an animal lover, who love loves adventures in life. While you enjoy all these breathe taking activities and sight scenes, Favehotel Palembang offers you all the amenities that you look forward to. Apart from providing you an excellent connectivity through Wi-Fi it meets your ready cash needs as well enjoy its ATM and bank facility.
  • Tanjung Puting National Park- This Park is situated on the island of Borneo that lies in Central Kalimantan. It offers multi day boat tours to the globetrotters so that they can have a wonderful experience of wildlife. It also provides them with an access to various research centers. You may be lucky enough to watch gibbons, clouded leopards, pythons, orangutans etc.


The Favehotel Palembang hotel offers you with all the necessary services that include laundry so that you need not carry more clothes during your journey. Don’t forget holidays are best enjoyed if a traveler has a smaller bag pack.

PostHeaderIcon Uganda Travel Essentials 2016

Still off the beaten track in many ways, Uganda is a hidden gem full of natural beauty. Starting to come into its own on the tourist map, however, this East African pearl has so much to offer for outdoor lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Uganda is not to be missed and nor are these essential must-dos.


Lake Victoria and The Nile

Uganda is part of the Great Lakes region and is over 10% Wetland, so visiting one of these shimmery plains is a given. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa, encroaching into Tanzania and Kenya too. Surrounded by jungle highlands, visit it for its outstanding beauty alone, although there’s much to do around the lake including enjoying the lakeside beaches, natural habitat and surrounding villages, vibrant with the Luo tribal culture.

Continue your watery tour to the world’s longest river. The Nile actually starts from Uganda and is a magnet for the tourist trade, offering an array of watersports such as sailing, canoeing and whitewater rafting.

Mountain Trekking

Another unique trait of Uganda that made it Churchill’s ‘Pearl of Africa’ are the mountain forests, home to the enchanting and formidable mountain gorillas.

Visit these spellbinding creatures in their natural habitat, in an organised safari or expedition. Bwindi National Park, for instance, offers four different areas to track mountain gorilla families. Various organisers can facilitate Uganda Gorilla trekking, such as Steppes Travel (

Don’t get so tied up with gorillas that you miss the opportunity to also track chimpanzees, in one of the many forests and national parks in the country.

Kibale Forest has one of the loveliest tropical forests in Uganda and is famous for its chimpanzees. There’s more than a 95% chance of seeing them in Kibale, swinging through the trees or scuttling across the ground.


Your visit to Uganda is not complete without hitting Kampala, the country’s bustling and thriving capital. The city provides a diverse mix of cultural and religious points of interest. This is matched by the diversity in Kampala’s neighbourhoods. Be sure to experience the chaotic vibe of central Kampala, along with the urban chic of Nakesero, a hub for expat and tourist nightlife and one of the most colourful fruit markets you’ll ever see.

Make these must-dos a starting point for your trip and you’re on track for an experience of a lifetime.

PostHeaderIcon Guide to Boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a seaside city that is also the commercial headquarter of Israel. Tel Aviv was originally started by a group of Jewish families who immigrated from Palestine. The city is well known for its Bauhaus buildings, theatres and cafe restaurants.

Tel Aviv now has more than 20 boutique hotels and more new boutique hotels are being opened in this city every year. Some of them are located at the beaches while others are located at the historic buildings. For example, many boutique hotels in the White City are inspired by the Bauhaus architecture. These hotels are situated in original Bauhaus architecture buildings.They have restored every iconic feature and renovated it with lush color. In the White City, you can find boutique hotels located near to the Rothschild Boulevard and Shenkin Street. Image

Boutique hotels Tel Aviv are quite affordable and start from $150 to more than $300 per night. If you come to Tel Aviv with the aim of spending your day at the beach, you should stay at the boutique hotels that are located a few minutes to the beach. Many of the guest suites at the beach front boutique hotels are equipped with balconies so that you can enjoy the sea views and fresh breeze blowing in from the sea.

The rooms are equipped with climate control facility which allows you to control the ambiance in the room. The standard amenities in each room are flat TV screen, WIFI internet connection, blinds and lighting. Some hotels allow you to get DVDs from the reception front desk to watch in the room. You will be able to rent the beach chairs and bicycles from the boutique hotels. Every room is designed to be a suite and features quality finishes.

Many boutique hotels in Tel Aviv have open rooftops that are equipped with a number of lounge chairs. From the rooftop, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset scenery. There is usually also a guest lounge where you can get free drinks such as coffee. They also have an on-site restaurant that serves a variety of Mediterranean dishes. It is very convenient to stay at the boutique hotel in Tel Aviv and it is within 5 – 30 minutes walking distances to many attractions. Some of the attractions are Tel Aviv Port, Dizengoff Center and Rothschild Boulevard.

Every boutique hotels in Tel Aviv is stylishly designed with unique architecture features. It offers elegant lobby with a lot of seating areas. Some have an in house art galleries where you can view all kinds of masterpiece artworks. There are covered parking areas that offer free parking spaces for guests.

Boutique hotels Tel Aviv are suitable for both business travelers and people who have come to Tel Aviv for a holiday trip. If you want to find a boutique hotel for your upcoming visit at Tel Aviv, it is recommended that you use the online hotel search engine. In the online hotel search engine, you can choose a neighborhood in the map and compare the hotels in the area. You can use criteria such as star rating, theme, and hotel brand when comparing the hotels.


PostHeaderIcon How to market your hotel among Chinese travellers

In your, it is vital to understand how to market your hotel cleverly and effectively to the Oriental tourist to capitalize following this style. With ecommerce growing and 60% of women and men making hotel bookings online digital marketing is the key aspect to your success.

Firstly the Oriental consumer use se’s in China (notably Baidu) to consider hotels. It truly is essential you will be one of the very most notable hotels submitted in the serp’s. Optimizing your event and position on Baidu and other Chinese language se’s is the first rung on the ladder.

The Oriental consumer prioritizes ideas and reviews in message boards higher than the customer under western culture will. After finding a range of hotels people will likely spend plenty of time considering the reviews. In China individual evaluations and reviews on message boards are fundamental. You need to control your reputation and what individuals are saying, reviews that are positive and comments from others links to more bookings.

Social media has developed into key shoot for marketers with the best internet penetration rate (45%) on the world. You’ll find an incredible 634 million internet surfers in China.

The China are damaged by their immediate interpersonal group and family especially, interesting with customers on internet sites is vital therefore.

You need to be disseminating content and offers/promotions relating your hotel. Featuring visitor’s pictures and remarks is also effective as it features customers straight. Interesting content and articles should be produced and allocated to market interest.

Having a good existence on web sites increases the odds of your hotel being allocated among user’s websites. The Chinese trust their friendship circle and family and are influenced by others tips incredibly, experiences and opinions.

Weibo is a micro-blogging system which works in fundamentally the same manner as the United states ‘Tweets’. Users can exchange almost any quite happy with their friends. With 500 million recorded accounts it is the key communal network to be participating with if you want to enter the Oriental market. Weibo is the vacation spot to keep finger on the pulse of what’s popular in China. It’s an exceptionally ‘wide open up’ ethnical network and is also therefore quite effective for marketers.

Customers can add and register with your brand thought using QR guidelines to spread information about the hotel. Once customers are chasing your accounts you can promote special discounts or content totally for subscribers.

Customers shall spend plenty of their time looking into images of the hotel, the Chinese language seek a traditional connection with the United States and culture they are simply browsing. They want various things so a feeling of the hotel’s identity should be communicated insurance firms a continuous band of photographs, the same style and theme looks professional and reinforces your ‘brand’.

An image sent out that is stunning and which communicates the look of the hotel is specially effective as customers often speak about their hotel bookings on sociable advertising, individual to individual is vital in China, advice from friends would be the most reliable form of marketing. Capitalize after this by editing and boosting and creating stylized images that receive the accepted place and culture people are browsing.

Sharable content about your hotel could be very effective with the surge of Weibo (China’s respond to tweets) and WeChat. Utilize create interesting content, articles and stories. Generate a narrative surrounding the hotel’s name, identity and style. Tourists want to flee from the standard and mundane so be imaginative. Romantic, love reviews are popular amidst the Chinese language often.



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PostHeaderIcon Leisure and Delectable Dining at Hotels in Goa

The smallest state of India, Goa is the biggest when it comes to live entertainment. For many, partying has been the name of the game for spending winters, and the state has been their preferred place for it. When not making merry, tourists can try numerous water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and snorkelling. Grand Portuguese cathedrals, palm-shaded sandy beaches, roaring waterfalls, lush hills and informative museums are some other things that keep hotels in Goa brimming with guests.

Ramada Caravela Beach Resort is among the many properties in the state, where optimum luxury and comfort awaits guests. People can choose to stay at Garden View, Pool/Ocean View or Ocean Front View rooms, Deluxe Suites, and Family Villas and Presidential Villa. All of these are equipped with temperature control, flat-screen TVs, smoke detectors, mini-bar, min-fridge, Wi-Fi and electronic safe.

Leisure by the Sea

Located on Fatrade Beach, Ramada Goa has its own golf course and arranges for caddies and coaches. Sports lovers can challenge each other to a game of lawn tennis at the in-house courts or move to the beach to play cricket and volleyball. The indoor game area of the resort is the site to play chess, carom, table tennis, snooker, billiards, scrabble and cards. To get the true essence of the state, guests can take a few steps towards the seafront and enjoy exhilarating water sports. Else, they can just sit on comfortable lounge chairs under shade and look at the sea waves.

Another way to rejuvenate is getting a calming massage at the in-house spa or sweat in the sauna or steam room. For a more traditional experience, they can move to the Ayurvedic Centre, where a trained Guru offers personal consults. A yoga session every morning in the lush lawns of the property keeps participants fresh and energetic for the day. After merry making and partying, all the tiredness can be washed away by heading to the in-house Jacuzzi. Another viable option is to dip and splash in the on-site swimming pool. Those, who like a more strenuous workout, can do so in the gymnasium of the resort.

Food to Suit Every Taste

Upscale hotels in Goa, including Ramada Caravela Beach Resort, have numerous dining and drinking venues. The in-house Lanai & Cafe Cascada has a variety of coffees, and a buffet and a la carte menu on offer. Beach Shack serves authentic Goan fare, kebabs and a range of seafood along with unrestricted views of the sea. Carnaval presents a rich fair of pan-Asian delicacies. For light bites and exquisite cocktails by the swimming pool, diners can move to the al fresco Castaway. While guests enjoy their favourite drinks at the seafront Sunset Bar, they will find the area come alive with theme parties. Island Bar is located right on the pool, perfect to relax with a cocktail glass. Atrium Bar provides guests with a view of the pool, and a range of fine wines and delectable cocktails. The nightclub of Ramada Goa, Saturdays, makes guests dance to the latest international hits.

PostHeaderIcon Uk resort: One of the amazing destination resorts near Mumbai

1Mumbai is a very popular city, known as the amazing tourist destination. One thing you will notice about Mumbai that it is a city that never sleeps. Now, people are getting busy in their schedule that they don’t have time to spend quality time during weekends with their family, friend and relatives. The people that are constantly running around need some break to relax. Therefore, this city provides many picnic spots and resorts where people can take a break and reduce some stress from the fast running life.

Uk resort- Perfect destination to chill out

Just a few kilometers away from the Mumbai city, Uk resort is located. It is the perfect destination for enjoying weekends with your family, offering premium facilities and tremendous services that will melt your heart. This resort offers luxurious and true flavor of nature. You will feel so fresh because of the beautiful natural location around you which maintains the perfect balance of nature and luxury together all at one place. It is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and busy schedule.

Services of Uk resort: UK resort is fully managed by well-trained managers and professional staff, the resort provides superior level of services to all its valuable customers. Some of the services are-

  • Wi-Fi Internet Facility in room.
  • Outdoor Sports like volleyball, cricket, and football playground is available.
  • Enjoy the fun under nonstop sprinkling water and Rain dance.

This resort offer state of the art facilities like-

  • Swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Health & Fitness center
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Beauty salon
  • Play area for kids

Not everyone can afford to spend a lot of amount on the luxury resorts. Keeping that in UK resort offer maximum comfort at least cost that truly suits your needs and budget. It is very well known that existing in a city like Mumbai is really difficult for any individual. Though, it is conveniently possible for every individual with the availability of budget resorts near Mumbai.

Tariff plans of UK Resort:

People will get full benefit of a broad range of tariffs and offers available at the resorts. There are several packages available at different price ranges.  You can choose the one that suits your budget, according to your requirement & number of people traveling with you. Tariffs of rooms depends on the variety of room that may include –

  • The charge for deluxe room during weekdays is Rs.2150 while during weekend is Rs. 3250.
  • The charge for super deluxe room during weekdays is Rs.2650 while during weekend is Rs.3950.
  • The charge for executive room during weekdays is Rs.3650 while during weekend is Rs.4950.
  • The charge for extra person during weekdays is Rs. 800 while during weekend is Rs.950.

Auto-bio: UK resort is listed among the best resorts near Mumbai . It is also consider as the suitable Budget resorts near Mumbai  which comes in the category that is really affordable for visitors.

Contact US

Ashtavinayak Mahad Phata,
Old Mumbai – Pune Highway (NH4),
Near Mahad Ashtavinayak Temple,
Khopoli, Dist. Raigad – 410203,
Maharashtra, India.
Tel. : +91 2192 268333
Mobile : +91 98220 12343
Email :

PostHeaderIcon Enjoy your vacations at Uks resort for amazing weekend getaway from Mumbai

1UK’s Resort is located on old Mumbai Pune Highway, few kilometers away from Khopoli. This resort is ideal for one day picnics, weekends with your family members, relatives and friends. When People of Mumbai tired with the messy and stressful life of this metropolitan city & wants a break from the busy schedule. Thus, resorts are the best spots to remove the pressures and tensions of life. Also the people of Mumbai are very fun loving and they do not want to miss chance to take a break from hectic lifestyle. They usually plans for a trip, weekend getaways and One day picnic.

Services provided by Uks resort: If you are planning for a weekend getaway then this place is a must visit with your family. You will feel more relax and fresh by the beauty and surroundings of the natural beauty. Uks resorts serves their customers with amazing services, such as-

  • The Resort has a swimming pool and a mini water park. The guests can rain dance in the water park.
  • People can also enjoy the other indoor and outdoor games and sporting activities.
  • The resort also includes a well equipped Gym health club and a play park for children’s.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available and it is free of cost.
  • Free private parking is available.
  • 24*7 Front desk services.
  • Each room at Uks resort is air conditioned and features a TV.
  • Some of the rooms have views of the mountains or pool.

Reasons to visit Uks resort: There are some reasons for visiting Uks resort-

  • Recommended for local getaways and guests looking for one day picnic near Mumbai may also visit Zenith Falls during monsoon seasons and Adlabs Imagica theme park.
  • The lawn venue can provide accommodation approx 1000 guest to celebrate different occasion’s like-birthday parties, Weddings, get together along with live music and various entertainments programs.
  • Online booking is safe and easy
  • There is a multi cuisine restaurant offer variety or foods.
  • Prices are affordable.

Tariff plans: Tariff plans at Uks resort are available according to the off season and seasonal rates. Packages are available according to the occupancy. For example-

  • On week day, price rate for Double occupancy is Rs. 2250 including meals & on weekend, It is Rs. 2550.
  • Price rate for triple occupancy is Rs. 2050 on week day. On weekend it is Rs. 2250.

Tariff plans for one day Picnic:

  • 650/- Per Person (50 Person and Above)
  • 750/- Per Person (30 To 40 Person and Above)

Auto-bio: If you are planning for a weekend getaway from Mumbai Then u has a lot of options to Enjoy with your family. After the fun filled vacation you will surely need a place where you can relax, then Uks resort is the best option & it is also one of the amazing Resorts near Mumbai for one day picnic.

Contact US

Ashtavinayak Mahad Phata,
Old Mumbai – Pune Highway (NH4),
Near Mahad Ashtavinayak Temple,
Khopoli, Dist. Raigad – 410203,
Maharashtra, India.
Tel. : +91 2192 268333
Mobile : +91 98220 12343
Email :

PostHeaderIcon Enjoy Your Trip To Its Fullest With Holiday Packages In India

Everyone on this planet wants some free time to invest withtheir family members and friends. However, people do not have enough time to do such activities in the life. Holidays are the best option, when they want to stay away from the busy and hectic schedule. But, it depends on people, how they spare time from their schedules. For this, you need to plan at the earliest, like 2 or 3 months before. As you know, India is a land of abundantgreenery, mystical beauty, golden desert and a lot more.


No matter what your choice or interest is, you will really get your dream destination in the wonderful country. Just create a plan for your holiday trip and book your Delhi tour package or any other package, based on your needs and preferences. From wildlife sanctuaries to sandy deserts, the country can give you a lot, when it comes to relaxation, entertainment and fun. What are you waiting for? Just go online and look for a reliable company or travel agent to book an affordable package to India, visiting any destination.

Different kinds of packages

When you start exploring the packages, you would come across many options. Different varieties of travel packages include hill station packages, golden triangle tour, honeymoon packages, wildlife vacation packages, pilgrim packages and many others. You must select the best and reasonable travel package to India, no matter which destination you want to explore during your holiday. These packages depend on the nature of the destination you want to explore.

Like, if you are willing to live in the natural beauty for some days covering the snowy mountains and rivers, then choose a reputed company to book Kerala tour package. Even, the Goa is one of the most popular destinations of the India, which tourists want to explore for the natural scenic views alongside the lakes, mountains, green forests and a lot more. For this, you can also book a Goa tour package, which is offered by an experienced travel company and offering many options for tour packages.

How tour packages help you?

While visiting the India destinations along with the use of tour packages, you are going to obtain many benefits:

  • Tour packages cover almost all popular and well-known parts of the country.
  • With the tour package, tourists can explore the wilder side of the nature.
  • They also help you in giving you a chance to break the heat and start feeling the breeze. It is all about visiting any hill station in India. Himachal Pradesh has many popular hill stations, which you can visit at any time, during the year. Without wasting your time, book a himachal tour package now!
  • When you are on a romantic date or a special trip with your family or other loved ones, the tour packages help you in getting the most out of it.
  • With the tour packages, you can also experience a journey to the past. To explore the history of India, booking a Delhi package is all important.

On the whole, enjoy your holidays with the reasonable tourist packages to India.

PostHeaderIcon Types of credit cards

Credit cards come with different features each matching the needs of different sectors. Some of the common types of credit cards include prepaid cards, secured credit cards, business cards and bonus points cards.

Businessman Checking In At Hotel Reception Front Desk

Businessman Checking In At Hotel Reception Front Desk

  • Secured credit cards:

As the name suggests, these credit cards are backed by some amount placed by the card holder in his account as collateral in case he fails to pay. Your credit limit is defined by the amount of security you have given. The benefit of secured credit cards is they do not require you to have a good credit history. In fact, these cards are designed for people who do not have any credit history or they possess a poor credit score. But the limitation of these cards is that small credit limit is given to the card holder. Other features are also of basic nature. But it helps you to start developing a good credit history as you will spend less and, as a result, will be able to pay your bill in full each month. As these cards are for starters, you can apply for an upgraded credit card as you achieve a good credit score and your security is also returned when you switch from this card.

  • Business credit cards:

Business credit cards are only issued for business use and it is very difficult to get them for personal purpose. As they are only offered to businesses, they require a very high credit scoring. But a good thing is that you can avail the benefits of a business credit card even if you own a small business or work as a free lancer.

  • Prepaid cards:

Just like any other prepaid facility, prepaid credit cards require you to submit the amount in the account first. This card can also be issued to minors and amount is usually deposited by the parents or some other person. Interest charges are usually not applied on these cards but charge a monthly fee.

  • Reward cards:

Reward cards give different offers including cash discounts, rebates and points. Cash discounts enable you to get discounts in cash form after making a purchase. While reward points allow you to get different gifts like suitcases, pens and other things. They also offer you free air tickets, free mileages, discounts on car rental, dinning and concierge services. But it is necessary to pay your bill in full each month otherwise you will not be able to get these rewards. Bonus points cards give you bonuses.

  • Student credit cards:

These credit cards are offered to students and help them pay their tuition fees and other studies related expenses. These credit cards help the students to build a good credit history that will help them in future to avail other loaning facilities. The credit limit given to the students is comparatively low.

  • Cobranded cards:

These cards are usually offered by affiliation of a retail brand and a card issuing company. They offer the users many discounts and cash rebates.