The sunny Spanish island of Lanzarote owes its existence to volcanic eruptions and as such, a large part of its legacy is its natural scenery and stunning views forged by the rage of flowing lava and the Atlantic Ocean surrounding it. Nonetheless, say that you have booked your next holidays in Lanzarote and you have some days at your disposal to explore it. Where do you go? In this guide we present you 5 of the most stunning natural sceneries on offer by the island, that left in place by nature and tastefully touched by humans, have become some of the best places to visit in the Canary Islands overall!

Jameos Del Agua

Definitely a sight not to miss during your holidays in Lanzarote, this natural monument is shaped by nature and tastefully shaped by humans into one of the best sights the island has to offer! The Jameos Del Agua is part of a volcanic tube shaped by lava flow into the sea and as such, it forms a cave which has been turned into a concert hall and café. The white pool offers a great touch to the whole place and it is a great place to enjoy a coffee or drink in a relaxed atmosphere. However, bear in mind that since this place is so nice, it is often overcrowded so it might require some patience in cse you decide to visit in peak season.

Lagomar Museum

A special place in itself, the Lagomar Museum is a house designed by famous Canarian Architect Cesar Manrique which makes great use of the volcanic landscape. Home to five rooms shaped in volcanic bubbles and an extraordinary design overall set apart by its incorporated white pool, this museum is a great display of nature meeting architecture. Despite being a fan of design or not, this is a great place to visit during your holidays in Lanzarote as the works of Cesar Manrique on display are worth a visit and this is a rare opportunity to walk around a big work of art.

Playa de papagayo

Relatively far from the beaten path, this small beach is arguably one of the best the Canaries have to offer and a must see if you plan on having holidays in Lanzarote. Its sandy shore crowned by rocks is a small marvel in itself and the hike towards it is worth it in itself. However, since this is a relatively secluded beach you would be advised to bring your own snacks and drinks if you plan on visiting and spending the day.

Cueva De los Verdes

A distinct natural monument, the Cueva De los Verdes, close to the aforementioned Jameos Del Agua is part of one of the biggest volcanic tubes in the world. Take a tour in the cave and marvel at the stalagmites and stalactites adorning its ceiling, left there by the passing of ages since its formation by the hot magma of the nearby Monte Corona volcano!

Montana Roja

A now extinct volcano, the Montana Roja or ‘Red Mountain’ situated close to Playa Blanca is definitely a place to visit if you want to witness something different to the overall touristy resorts and picturesque nearby towns. Start your trek from the southern part of Playa Blanca and take the relatively short road (1.8 miles) to the top of the mountain and marvel at the crater left intact after the years. The peak offers some stunning views of the nearby Playa Blanca as well as the nearby island of Fuerteventura. Definitely a place to visit if you booked your holidays in Lanzarote close to Playa Blanca.