Indeed, the Pacific Ocean is one of the richest places on earth when it comes to biodiversity and vast marine life. And because this ocean is so huge, tourists will always have options to choose from. Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia are some of the popular destinations for vacation lovers in the east and southeast Asian regions. On the other hand, there are California in the USA, Mexico, and Chile who are ideal tourist spots in the Americas.

But just in case you are looking for something different, you may try Australia this time. While this may be considered the smallest continent, it is made up of lovely and breathtaking islands which are perfect for tourists and backpackers across the world. One of these spots is Lord Howe Island.
If it is your first time to travel to this World Heritage Site, then you may want to know a few tips to fully enjoy your stay:
Tons of Activities
If you are the type of tourist who loves adventure and fun activities, Lord Howe definitely offers one of the best you may ever experience. Whether you like water or land activities, this island has everything in store for you. Some water activities include surfing, boating, fishing, and diving, while there are also other options on land such as hiking, walking, bird-watching and playing certain sports games.
Delightful Cuisine
Due to the huge influence of marine life in Lord Howe Island, expect nothing but the best seafood dishes they have to offer. Aside from the sumptuous dishes, their rates are also reasonable and the services are commendable as well. If you are planning to stay in this island for a few days to a week, you should never miss authentic Lord Howe cuisine.
Lovely and Warm Community
With only more than 400 permanent residents, expect everyone to know everyone else. That also means one thing – they will be able to differentiate tourists from non-tourists. And when they found out that you are there for vacation, they would welcome you right away. But you should remember that only a couple of hundred tourists are allowed to stay in the island at a given time, so make sure to book your flights and make reservations early.
Quality Services and Facilities
For decades, most of the residents in Lord Howe have lived a simple but satisfying life within the island. And since this island has become a popular tourist spot in this region, a lot of families have developed state of the art facilities to provide amenities and services to tourists like you.
A Place Like Nothing Else On Earth

Lord Howe Island is definitely one of the most beautiful places on earth if not the entire galaxy. If you love travelling to lovely places and you haven’t been here, then you better make a reservation right away. And with all the activities, services, facilities and dishes you will experience in this stunning island, all your worries and effort will certainly be worth it.