Cairo sits at the forefront of one of the most fabled, legendary and ancient civilisations in history. The Egyptian history is proudly displayed through the city’s many, many museums as well as through the last-remaining relics which stand as monuments and popular tourist attractions. As a modern city, it is one of the largest in Africa/Middle East and its cultural diversity blends a little old with a little new.


Getting In

With travel insurance secured, a trip to Cairo should be fairly simple as Cairo International Airport is one of the largest on the African continent and, therefore, features fantastic transport links and infrastructure. Alongside its national carrier (EgyptAir), a number of renowned brands serve the airport from Air France to British Airways.



The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are Cairo’s crown jewels, the number one tourist attraction, not just in/around the city but also the country. The pyramids, which were built across a number of generations, are some of the greatest wonders of the world whilst the Sphinx, believed to be a sacred guardian of the pharaoh’s tombs, draws in a large crowd by itself.

Elsewhere, the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities boasts a satisfyingly large collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts, including the treasures of the great Tutankhamen. There’s much to see and do here so a guided tour may well be worth investing in for a comprehensive education.

Khan El Khalili is one of the most renowned bazaars/markets in the world, earning its reputation through its sincere desire to sell a range of different items, souvenirs, food, drink and other bargains. Potential customers will be required to bring their best haggling skills as the street merchants are a trained, persistent bunch seeking the best deals possible. The outskirts of the market feature a number of relaxing cafes and restaurants where one is able to watch the action unfold before them.

Things to Do


The Felucca Boats, much like the Venetian Gondolas, are a must for any visitor to the city. The Nile is a special and significant location and the range of feluccas, from private to public, will offer an unmatched experience for all. The rides aren’t long and can make for an ideal day out, away from the hustle of the city.

Another break from the city life is Giza Zoo, close to the Four Seasons Hotel in the Cairo district. It’s not much when compared with zoos in larger, more developed cities but it’s a wonderful experience with some natural, national wildlife and the zoo itself is heralded as one of the oldest in the world, another small part of Cairo’s expansive history.