If you have vacations on your mind, then your itinerary must include travelling in Indonesia. People these days make best use of technology by planning their visit as per their wish list. This includes all the necessary arrangements starting right from air tickets , booking hotels, list of sight scene places, packing, etc. undoubtedly, this prior planning helps in enjoying every bit of a trip planned in advance.

Mandatory visiting places in Palembang

Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra area and is the second biggest city on the island of Sumatra. Some time ago, Palembang Srivijaya Empire acclaimed for its presence, the biggest Buddhist kingdom in Southeast Asia. And also the pempek, Palembang additionally has tourism potential that is not inferior compared to different urban communities in Sumatra. No visit to Palembang would be completed without stepping out the beautiful Ampera Bridge, which is an icon symbol of Palembang where you can easily buy souvenirs and fill the stomach. If you are a music buff, Musi River is the right place for a culinary tour in the city of Palembang. If you are adventurous freek, Punti Kayu Forest Park is the apt place for you where you can enjoy the best jungle experience. There are also other places such as The Great Mosque of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin, The flower garden fish, stadium Sriwijaya, Niagara Lematang Beautiful and much more, which is soothing the eyes of visitors to indulge in its elegant beauty.

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  • Jakarta- If you have dreams of watching heaven on Earth, then this country’s capital, Jakarta fits in your dream. White sand, crystal clear water, brilliant landscape, chilled atmosphere is some of the enticing things that invite you to the place. Don’t forget to visit Tiger Island if you are an animal lover, who love loves adventures in life. While you enjoy all these breathe taking activities and sight scenes, Favehotel Palembang offers you all the amenities that you look forward to. Apart from providing you an excellent connectivity through Wi-Fi it meets your ready cash needs as well enjoy its ATM and bank facility.
  • Tanjung Puting National Park- This Park is situated on the island of Borneo that lies in Central Kalimantan. It offers multi day boat tours to the globetrotters so that they can have a wonderful experience of wildlife. It also provides them with an access to various research centers. You may be lucky enough to watch gibbons, clouded leopards, pythons, orangutans etc.


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