Puerto Rico is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and Vieques is no exception. If you’re trying to plan ahead and figure out which beaches are the best of the best, look no further, this list covers the top five beaches in the area.

Sombe – Sun Bay Beach
This is one of the most popular beaches in the area. It has a large parking lot, as well as a few facilities including showers, restrooms, phones, water fountains, and allows camping. It is just a couple minute walk from Esperanza, so a car may or may not be necessary. For other things to do in Vieques and places to stay near Esperanza, visit puertoricotips.com.

Manuelqui – Blue Beach
Blue Beach is somewhat of a movie star as several movies have been shot here especially when there are storms. It is longer and thinner than many of the other beaches you will find in the area. Unlike Sombe, this beach has no parking lot, just a few spaces on the side of the road, so you’ll likely find that it isn’t nearly as crowded.

Media Luna – Half Moon Beach
Like Manuelqui, half-moon beach doesn’t have a parking lot, it also doesn’t have parking spots on the road. The only way to get there is to follow a dirt path from Sun Bay. This beach is secluded, regardless of the season. There is more sea grass than its neighbor but it is nonetheless, beautiful.

Navio Beach
This is another beach close to Sun Bay, however you will need a vehicle to get there, especially if it has recently rained. This beach is perfect for surfing and body boarding. In addition, it is home to a natural cave that you can enter, you’ll have to swim to get there though.

Black Sand Beach
As the name suggests, this beach is made up of black magnetic sand that is the result of volcanic ash. It is difficult to access as you will need to work your way through a few barbed wire fences and lots of bugs to get there. Because of this, it is quite secluded and private and gives a different view of Vieques than most of the other beaches.