Deciding on a travel insurance policy sometimes feels like the straw that broke the camels back when you’re already busy planning your holiday. Still, travel insurance may help to set your mind at ease and, should anything go wrong during your trip, reduces stress and get your holiday back on track as quickly as possible. So it’s obviously important, but it can seem dauntingly complicated when you’re faced with the wide variety available, and all the different choices that you have to make. Do you want single trip or annual? What exactly do you want covered? And who, of the many companies out there, can give you the best value for money? In reality, the process isn’t too strenuous as long as you know what to look for and what to expect.

And what, indeed, should you be looking out for with your travel insurance? These days, insurance companies are pretty adaptable and provide policies that are shaped around your personal needs and the type of trip you are taking. Some of the basics that you should expect to see covered by most Travel Insurance policies are: unexpected medical expenses whilst you’re abroad, cancellation, loss or theft of personal items and legal assistance. If you need extra cover because you’re booking an unusual trip then there are also policies available that will offer more specific cover.
Another thing that can make choosing your Travel Insurance seem overly complicated is the range in costs on the market. It is important to remember that the cost of your policy will depend on a couple of factors: the sort of travel covered, and the amount of travel covered. Always think about how much you plan to travel during the year when you buy your Travel Insurance – if you’ll only be taking the one holiday, then you’d probably be best off with single trip cover, but if you’ll be travelling a lot then you should consider annual. It’s also worth considering who will be travelling with you, and whether this might affect the cost of your cover, as most companies offer lower rates for children, students and the elderly.

Once you think about the different things that will affect the cost of your Travel Insurance, the decision will become much clearer. Be careful not to fall for showy advertising, and always check that the things you need covered are being looked after. A great way of checking this is to take advantage of one of the many travel insurance comparison sites like, where you can compare travel insurance policies side by side to see what’s best for you. A handy gadget for those who are struggling with the decision, this can help to make the process a lot less stressful!