Coimbatore is having the highest level of urbanisation in Tamil Nadu. Though Chennai is on top with some unique amenities, but on various fronts, Coimbatore is better. This city is a huge center of Industries, textile manufacturing and other commercial activities.


Coimbatore is the part of Kongu Nadu region. Geographical location of this city is at 411 mtrs above from MSL. As per census records of 2011, total population of this city is more than 23 lakhs. This city has emerged as a focal point of Tami Nadu state. Education, commerce, sports, industries, culture and many social aspects of this city are the main reasons behind fast and steep development. Owing to its reputed textile industry, this city also referred as Manchester of South India. NoyyalRiver banks Coimbatore and due to the climatic conditions, thread break ratio is very less. Reason being the textile industry of Coimbatore well developed like of Ahmedabad (Gujarat). All round development awarded the status of Metropolitan city to Coimbatore. This city has been enlisted at 17th number as the almost the business have been outsourced. Coimbatore city is also the fourth biggest metropolitan cities in the country. New Delhi connects Coimbatore directly. Flights and other transportation means are available from New Delhi to access Coimbatore.
Every visitor, if not well familiar with the locations of Coimbatore and other features of the city, he/she must have the travel guide about the city so that the trip may easy and enjoyable. However, various cities of India have better connection with Coimbatore However some means of accessing the city are as under: –
Local info (transport, movies, shopping)
By Air: Coimbatore is the nearest airport just located at 10 kilometers from the center of city.
By Rail: Coimbatore is itself a major railway station and has a better connectivity within the state as well as with the major cities, located outside the state, through broad gauge lines..
By Road: Road network is fine and well linked. State highways and national highways cross the city and surrounding places at many points. Buses, taxies, auto rickshaws and Tangas are also available in Coimbatore.
Movie theaters (main halls)
Name of Cinema Hall
Contact No.
Ambal Cinema Hall
Trichy Rd, Singanallur
Baba Cinemas
Baba Complex, Devang School Rd
Big Cinemas
KG Hospital Rd, Bungalow Rd
Carnatic Cinema Hall
Near Konniamman St.
Central Cinema
Vadakovai, Mettupallyam Rd
Shopping Places: Some main shopping areas in Coimbatore are as under: –
Town Hall Area: This place is beautiful and colorful market. In this area, Oppanakara Street, Big Bazar St and Raja St are located. This area is like heaven for textile buyers. Jewels are also available in raja market.

Shukrawar Pettai: This is a famous place for cotton purchasing. Handloom textiles, Lungies, Sari and cotton made undergarments sold largely in this market.
RS Puram (DB Rd): This is another good shopping area in Coimbatore and famous for branded purchasing.s