At the advent of the rise of travel nursing back in 1978 where the first outsider was hired by a healthcare facility to help in their staffing woes in response to the Mardi gras festival at that time. Since then, the travel nursing industry grew to bounds and bounds resulting to its present state nowadays, where it is one of the prime nursing career paths available for healthcare personnel. It is also a prime source of employees for those health facilities with great need for extra people in its working staff.

The need for nurses to augment staffing needs of hospitals is on the rise as the population of the aging baby boomer generation increases plus the retirement of some hardline frontline nurses in the field. The shortage of qualified faculty in nursing schools as well as the high cost of training new nurses also creates a great rift in the fabric of the nursing professional pool. These conditions contribute so much to the nursing staff woes of so many health facilities worldwide that travel nursing remains one of the best sources of professionals for these facilities.
Experience counts in the quality of service rendered to the clients.
The fact that most mobile nurses are experienced professionals, they need not be trained in the facility they are in, so time is saved as well as money on the part of the health facility. This results into a more cost effective and high quality in the deliverance of care to the clients of these hospitals. With the current shortage of nursing personnel in so many places, today is by far the ideal time of looking for mobile nursing [] jobs for an aspiring professional.
The staffing woes of health facilities are at an all-time high resulting to high demands of travel nurses. With the high professionalism of these nurses, hospital management often prefer to hire travel nurses as compared of new ones who need to be tutored or trained first before quality results are secured from them; a more practical answer to a hospital’s or facility’s immediate and temporary need.
To ensure a steady supply of these experienced and highly competent nurses, health facilities create tie ups with travel nurse staffing companies to provide them with quality personnel to match their needs.
In return, to ensure that they have enough personnel, these staffing companies offer great benefits or offers to would-be travel nurses seeking an agency to help them manage their own nursing career. With a high competitive atmosphere, a professional planning to become a mobile nurse is assured that he will always be taken care of by the agency he is affiliated with.
There is no better time of switching to the travel nursing career as the great offers of staffing companies are so great and at times outrageous just to entice a travel nurse candidate into their fold. These bonuses often come in the form of free lodging, free gym memberships, maid services, as well as insurance coverage! Nothing beats these great and terrific offers!

The United States Bureau of Statistics projects that a million nurses are needed by the year 2016. That would even flare up the need for travel nursesĀ  throughout the country. The said industry will still continue to be one of the highest earning jobs in the charts that is attainable for most people, especially the masses. What are you waiting for? The world is virtually at your fingertips right now, be a traveling nurse now!