Whether you are a newbie or even a pro; there is always a great scope of improvement in your photography and style. Read on to take something that you can always use for your photography pursuits.

We have talked to UrbanClap professional photographers and got you the best tips. These tips will work with any camera, may it be a high end DSLR, any normal camera.

  1. Avoid sunlight: This is one of the most essential tips that anyone can give y In a discussion, one of the UrbanClap wedding photographers revealed that sunlight often produces heavy shadows and thereby get you bad photographs. Hence evenings and mornings are very suitable, however; nothing really beats a cloudy sky as it gets you best of both the worlds.
  2. Travel intensively :This is important, as it gives you the idea of the most fantastic locations around, be it snow, forest, or just anything, but if you are on short of budget, try finding different landscapes in your city, like gardens, small lakes etc, which are common.


  1. Get a tripod: If you are really looking to get blazing with photography, you must get one, because it will help you take photographs in low light, which holds key to great photography. Telling about her experience, a baby photographer from UrbanClap said that this was quintessential to an ideal photography especially in her domain as she regularly had to deal with low lights.
  1. Take Sharp pictures :Let us break down this analogy.
  2. Shoot in Aperture-Priority mode, and set the aperture to its lowest value.
  3. If you have metering system, ensure that you set it to “Matrix” on Nikon and “Evaluative” on Cannon.
  4. Do not move while taking pictures, if you hand is not steady then try to minimize it.
  5. Always focus on eye that is nearest to you. One family kid photographer said that is particularly important when taking pictures of kid, to focus on the eye nearest to the photographer to capture the non verbal expressions.
  1. Look for colors: More the better, because that gives a great variation to your photography.
  1. Focus closer: This is essential for micro photography, but if you really want on focus on animals and human photography then you can do away with it.
  1. Mid day light:So what if you don’t find evening or morning sessions, and not even a cloudy day? Well don’t worry; there are backup plans for that too. So if you run into any situation when you have no other option but to shoot in bright sunlight, then ensure that you keep highlight even at the expense of getting more shadow in the photography. Remember – highlighting is the key part of photography, and unless the shadow is too overwhelming to dissuade you from taking the photograph, it is wise to stick to your guns and give prime importance to the highlighted subject or topic.

With all said, these will bring about a sea change in your photography experience and in long term will make you a better photographer, ensue that you keep on taking more photographs so that you can get better at it.

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