Ireland is also known as the Emerald Isle for good reason: its natural beauty is a perfect landscape for the wonders of history and tradition that visitors can experience. For newlyweds, an Ireland honeymoon can be an enchanting experience, full of romance and adventure. It is no wonder that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have chosen this surreal landscape for their honeymoons.

Go Luxury

For a truly memorable experience, staying in one of Ireland’s luxurious castles that has been updated with modern amenities can be fun for both men and women. Located in County Kilkenny, the Mount Juliet Estate has over 1500 acres of majestic grounds, and activities from spa treatments to golf.

The Dromoland Castle is also popular amongst honeymooners, as it combines old-world aristocratic glamour with a spa, world-class restaurants, and a famous golf course. Famous political and cultural figures from around the world have stayed in this castle’s old walls.
For those who prefer more modern accommodations, simply having a special meal in a castle can be a night to remember.

Try something entirely different

A honeymoon is memorable by itself, but to truly make things unique there are activities to partake in that will be once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Staying at a castle like Ashford in County Mayo can be a step back in time to the 13th century, and visitors can try their hand at activities like archery and falconry. Watching these majestic birds navigate the landscape can be a rare sight to behold.

Visit a city

Dublin can be a great location for a memorable honeymoon, since it is easy to walk to a number of attractions that the city offers. Visitors can take in tea service at one of the many hotels, and can see sites related to some of Ireland’s most famous cultural figures, like James Joyce and Jack Yeats.

There are plenty of hotel options in Dublin, with more contemporary venues and historic ones, ensuring that there is a perfect spot for all travelers. The Merrion is one of Dublin’s most luxurious offerings, complete with a Michelin starred restaurant.

Meet the locals

Ireland’s people are known all over the world for their hospitality and warmth towards tourists, so visitors can celebrate their nuptials in any number of towns, small and large, simply by letting others know that they are just married! Stop in any of Ireland’s thousands of pubs and let the locals raise a pint in honor of the new couple.

Stay in a bed-and-breakfast

For the best of all worlds, staying in one of Ireland’s many bed and breakfasts is a way to meet locals, access attractions and activities, and find the right amount of quiet time for relaxing. There are many small town bed and breakfasts within a quick drive from Ireland’s major cities, and they range in the types of amenities offered. Some have formal dinners that require appropriate dress, while others will encourage visitors to spend their days roaming the grounds, picking up a game of croquet or exploring on horseback.