aassYes! Milan! Here we come. The fashion capital of the world welcomes every tourist and visitor with open hands. It is also a thriving business center and the second most populated city in Italy. Though Milan is known for its expensive nature, grandeur and class concerns, it not all about money and glitters.

One can enjoy things in Milan which includes some exotic sightseeing activities for free and without spending much from one’s own pocket. In fact, visitors and tourists planning their visit to Milan can take a look at things to do in Milan with www.Musement.com

In this article, we will be focusing on some amazing activities or things that one can enjoy or do while in Milan for free or at a considerable low cost mode.


Sightseeing always tops the priority chart while visiting a place, especially, in a historic city like Milan. So let us have a look which popular sights can be visited for free.

  1. The famous Milan cathedral: The Milan Duomo –famous cathedral of Milan enriched with sculptures by Michelangelo is an awesome and striking place to start with one’s sightseeing and yes it is absolutely free of cost. But, if you want to visit the treasury, they will charge you a nominal fee, but otherwise touring the cathedral is free of cost and also is a good relief from Milan’s unpredictable weather for a while.


Apart from the Milan Duomo, there are many other beautiful and scenic churches one can visit, absolutely free of cost.

  1. Milan’s tram ride: Milan’s tram is not only a convenient public transport, but also a great way to discover and tour the city on one’s own. Though it’s not free of cost, the tram tickets comes at a nominal price of 1.50 Euros and a single ticket is valid for 90 minutes. The popular trams among the tourists are route no. 23 and 1.
  1. Street Dances: This is a latest addition though, but is among one of the top most things to do in Milan for free. In response to the super-duper pricey nightclubs and pubs, some of the bands perform and dance along with the local people and tourists throughout the night on the streets. Piazza Afferi and the courtyard of Palazzo della Regione are two of the hotspots for watching the street dance.
  1. Friday free tour: There are some places you can visit on Fridays as it becomes free for the weekend. These places includes archaeological museum, natural history museum, museum of Italian unification, Castello Sforzesco, Bonaparte museum, Milan’s aquariums, etc.
  1. Parks and outdoor activities: If you are an outdoor person, then it is highly recommendedto take strolls along the parks of Milan which are beautifully decorated and known for its scenic beauties. One can also indulge themselves in various outdoor activities.
  1. Food: There are plenty of options for foodie visitors. Though food is never free but Milan offers a wide range and variety of buffets held in various street side restaurants which offers free buffet lunch and dinner just with a purchase of a drink.
  1. Climbing: Yes! You heard it right! Climbing to the Duomo roof to get a breathtaking view of the Milan city is another adventurous free things to do in Milan if you are not afraid of altitudes and you love adventure!