Marriage is meant to the relation of two souls or a life time, and also a strong bond between two families. There are many traditions that are settled by the society and they are mandatory and necessary to full fill. There are many events known as rasam that are different in different culture. Indian wedding favors is one of the main rasam they perform, it is one of the most common event of their culture. There are many cultures living with in India that perform their tradition on the basis of caste, language, religion and other factors. But presenting the favors is one of the common traditions of India, it is also necessary because the marriage is totally colorless without the favors, the favors are mostly eatables like for example the baskets of fruits, sweets, dry fruits and nuts or other snacks. But as the time is changing the favor are now preferred as the things that can be used and are not in the category of eatables, like there are many options of presenting different favors, other than the eating materials, the options are as follows:


The favors are mostly presented along with the invitation cards, and it is a gift for the fests and even the exchange of goods by the family of groom and bride is also mandatory. For making the invitation more special favors are offered, mostly the dry fruits are offered like for example mostly the almonds are presented as favors. But for a change you can present a small bottle of perfume which not only enhances your wedding invitation but it can also be a beautiful gift for which you are inviting. If it is not affordable for you then you can simply go for the rose water which can also be a good option, you can also scent your invitation card by the rose water, presenting the rose water in a beautiful designed bottle can be an option and it will surprise the people.

Scented candles:

The other best option is the perfumed candles, every one loves these candles and it can be a appealing favor for the guests, not only it is a best option to present along with the invitation box or card but scented candles can also be presentable along with the money envelopes, and the other best option for the money envelopes is that you can put the rose petals inside the envelope, and also you can scent them with a fragrance or with the rose water.

Essentials oils;

It can also be a good option that you can give the essential oils in the form of favor, like lip oil can be a better option, but for all these favors you have to present the invitation cards in the design available in boxes. Muslim wedding invitations UK are offering and providing you the invitation card boxes in which you can easily present the invitations and favors, they are providing special cards for Muslim wedding also.