Agritourism in recent years are quite fashionable, perfect for those who want a holiday in touch with nature. Today holidays on the farm have a different role than in the past. They are increasingly homel and charming making the holiday more comfortable, without taking away the charm of the outdoors.


A special feature of the farm is linked to their location almost always surrounded by nature so to give glimpses of enchanting landscapes, scents of nature and everything that mother nature can provide. All this cleverly combined with the comforts of modern life and without forgetting the pleasure of good food with products often made by the owners with organic foods grown in their land.

Why choose one charming agriturismo in Sicily for their holidays? The reasons are manifold. First, the farmhouse is an escape from urban stress, allowing you to immerse yourself in the greenery and recharge your batteries. It is also a very romantic holiday but also perfect for children, who can discover the nature and stay in contact with the animals and you are never too far from the city so you can always visit museums, clubs and other places of interest.

Finally, a farm holiday is much less impersonal than the one at the hotel. Farewell to the cold self-service, here you speak with the owners, maybe you have breakfast with a cake or prepare jam from them.

A charming agriturismo in Sicily we recommend you is Masseria Susafa, a beautiful farmhouse situated in the town of Polizzi Generosa. This charming agriturismo, a farmhouse built in 1700, has in its interior a spacious wine bar, a restaurant and a huge outdoor terrace with pool and sun loungers for sunbathing. The rooms, thirteen with a separated bigger apartment, are very spacious and bright with exposed stone and traditional terracotta floors to preserve the beauty of a charming historic home rich.