Anyone that plans to visit Ireland should consider going to see what many people consider to be the eighth wonder of the world, Giant’s Causeway. There are many different tours that take you around the property on a daily basis, and leave you breathless with history about the formation of the view. You will be able to crawl around atop the rocks, hear about all of the history behind this gorgeous formation, and take pictures that will keep the memories created on your Giant Causeway tour, vivid in your mind for years to come.

Where Is the Giant’s Causeway?

The Giant’s Causeway tour is going to take you to 44 Causeway Road in Bushmills. This is in Antrim County, BT57 8SU United Kingdom. This is where you will be able to walk within the footprints of the giants who are said to have walked these cliff-lined lands. On top of being able to roam the area, you will also be allowed to explore the visitor centre for the Giant’s Causeway. It is a sleek, modern building that will help you understand the history behind the area and the people who inhabit the area.

The visitor’s centre has all of the information available about the history and the land, in numerous different languages. That makes this a great part of the Giant’s Causeway tour as it doesn’t matter where you are traveling from, you will still be able to be a part of, and understand, the meaning behind these sacred lands. There are also audio explanations for those with vision impairments to still be able to enjoy the lands. You can also get lunch or a cup of coffee for while you explore, or you can peer through the different gift shops that are on site, allowing you to grab a souvenir for your family and friends back home.

What Exactly Is Giant’s Causeway?

The ground that makes up the Giant’s Causeway is the result of an ancient eruption from a volcano nearly 60 million years ago. It is comprised of numerous columns of basalt, with an estimated 40,000 columns all total. It is located along the Northeast coast of Ireland, and it is considered a nature reserve to help keep the grounds preserved. If you go back in history, the legend behind Giant’s Causeway goes something like this.

A giant that is now commonly called Finn MacCool was challenged to a duel. The giant that challenged him was none other than Scottish giant Benandonner. There are two versions from there. The first version is that Finn MacCool battled Benandonner after building a giant’s bridge to reach him, and was victorious. The other version is that Benandonner came across the giant’s bridge that was already there, and when Finn MacCool saw the size of the approaching giant, feared he may be too small. He then had help from his wife in dressing like a baby, and lying in a cradle. Once Benandonner saw the size of what he presumed to be Finn MacCool’s son, thought his foe to be far too large to take on, and ran back to Scottland, smashing the land bridge behind him as he went so he would not have to face the full-size Finn MacCool.

What Will You See On Your Giant’s Causeway Tour?

Aside from the columns that you can walk on and see continue below the sea at the base of the cliffs, you will also be able to see how some of the columns rise up into the sky. Some of them are nearly 40 feet tall! You will also be shown the Giant’s Boot if you with Allen’s Tours. It is said to be left behind from a giant, and it is there so you can compare your own size to that of one of the giants of the past. You will also be able to look around at some of the world’s most unique plant and animal species. If you like watching water fowl, then you will love coming and sitting beside the sea and watching the birds fly around, looking for food. If your passion is plant life, then you will be able to delight in seeing some fauna that only grows in this area of the world.

What Most Visitors Say About the Giant’s Causeway Tour

When taking the time to go on a Giant’s Causeway Tour, you will want to make sure you wear comfortable shoes according to most visitors. There are over 150 acres to the land that makes up the Giant’s Causeway, and that often leaves visitors wanting to go off and explore. They recommend that you take the time to look around, without feeling the need to rush from one place to another. There are buses that can bring you from the visitor’s centre down to the causeway if you would prefer, and you would like to spare your feet. However, that does cost money.

Most visitors that brought children said they would recommend the visit to others. The children love to run around the grassy areas, and follow the paths around to the columns. Plus, many of the columns are small enough for children to step on and climb while hearing the tale of Finn MacCool. This allows them to take an interest in the history of the area from a fun and adventurous perspective. If you take the tour with the audio enhancement, then you can maneuver the grounds and follow the guide, allowing you to take in all of the history and the folklore that a Giant’s Causeway tour has to offer.

So, if you are still trying to determine if the Giant’s Causeway tour is the best tour in the world, according to many who have been there, it is something you simply cannot pass up if you are vacationing in the area. You are able to see a living part of history that dates back approximately 60 million years, and you are able to leave your own footprint, so to speak, on the world.