Because no holiday maker is the same, and nobody’s holidays are the same, there are also different types of Travel Insurance available to accommodate everyone. The question is: what should you be looking for in your Travel Insurance? Today, travel insurance aims to cater to specific types of holiday, so you should be sure to get what is best suited to you and your holiday.

If you are a frequent traveller, exploring many different locations each year, then it would be wise to consider an annual policy. Bearing in mind that policies from different companies will vary, this should be able to cover you for as much travel during the year as you want, working out as less expensive than single trip cover if you travel a lot.
If you are taking a gap year, an extended holiday, or simply have itchy feet and want to get lost in another country for a bit, you’ll need to use an insurance policy that is tailored to long term travel. These days, many Insurance Companies offer ‘Backpacker Insurance’ which covers longer periods abroad and takes into account the additional risks a backpacker may need to consider. For students, cost may also play a larger part in your decision about Travel Insurance, but always remember to check what you are paying for: there’s no use having cheap travel insurance if it doesn’t cover what you need.
Many families save their journeys abroad for one, special family holiday when everyone can travel together. In this instance, it would be pertinent to think about whether you’d be better off getting single trip insurance rather than annual, especially if you know that will be your one holiday during the year. Many companies also offer to insure children under a certain age for free, which should also help to reduce stress when you’re planning your holiday.
The travel insurance industry has also made the effort to meet the wants and requirements of winter sports fans, who are a higher level of risk.. Even if you’re the best sportsperson this side of the equator, there are always going to be greater risks involved in a winter sports break than in, for example, a holiday by the beach. Policies will put more emphasis on accident and medical expenses cover, allowing you to have fun without stressing over the possible risks and expense caused by an accident.

With so many different travel insurance policies available today, it’s more important than ever to think about what you need covered in your trip, just to be sure that your policy is tailored specifically to you.