Timeshares have been very popular with holidaymakers for years. They can be a great way to invest in future holiday enjoyment and to guarantee regular trips to a part of the world you particularly love.

Reasons holidaymakers are selling their timeshares in Spain

The enduring love of Spain

Spanish timeshares have always been particularly popular with UK investors, partly because the country is so convenient and accessible to visit. Spain has also long been a favourite destination for British holidaymakers, thanks to its excellent climate, cuisine, attractions and lifestyle. It seems likely that the British will always have a love affair with the country; however, not everybody wants to have a permanent holiday home arrangement there, particularly as routes to other parts of the world open up and become more affordable.

Moving away from timeshares

Some people are now ready to sell their timeshares for a variety of reasons. Often this is simply because family dynamics change and children grow up. A lot of families buy timeshares when they have young families, as this offers a flexible and cost-effective way to travel together abroad. The timeshare arrangement guarantees known and high-quality accommodation and can feel like a home away from home; however, when the kids grow up and leave home, families may be less inclined to use the timeshare as regularly.

Other reasons why a buyer might want to sell a timeshare include a change in financial circumstances. The economic crunch has affected families in different ways, with some people looking to divest themselves of non-essential investments. A timeshare may come into this category for some people, especially if they have invested in more than one property.

Some people have even found that the atmosphere of some of their favourite resorts has changed over time. This is only natural as areas become more or less affluent, or become popular with different groups of holidaymakers. Families that have had a timeshare arrangement for a long period of time may quite naturally find that the area changes and is no longer so appealing.

Other people find that their tastes change over time and they are keen to look at timeshares in new and upcoming areas, such as Turkey. As new airline routes open up in the UK, this makes new destinations more easily accessible ‒ especially when low-cost airlines offer budget flights.

Whatever the reason

The huge timeshare market makes it very easy to buy and sell timeshares, which means that the timeshare option remains hugely flexible for buyers and offers a great way to guarantee long-term holidays in one of your favourite spots. You can sell a timeshare in an area that you no longer have the same connection with and invest in a new option in an up-and-coming area, or alternatively you can sell a timeshare to benefit from some equity release and then invest in a smaller alternative in a low-cost area to benefit from the financial gains. The choice is yours.