Life in Dubai has been very busy but lighter side of Dubai has all the ingredients to serve people with charms of life. Beaches are among the most distinguished resources a country have. While a clean, well-managed serves as asylum from city’s hectic lifestyle for locals, foreign tourists are attracted as well. Even to some people the quality of beaches in a country measures its tourism standard. Dubai, in this concern retains some of the world’s vast and well-managed beach parks. The region that is rapidly evolving into a modern tourism hub needed to have well-coped and hygienic beaches. Developers responded to the need in an acute manner and developed some of the world’s best beach parks. These beaches have everything that a modern day beach is equipped with along with state of the art modern facilities and recreational ingredients. The tourism sector in Dubai has got a lot of attention due to awesome beaches. Here is the list of some of amazing beaches which are a must go current year summer season.


Al Mamzar Beach Park

Sand castling, swimming, walking and sunbathing are common to all beaches but this beach offers some extras. Despite the fact that this beach offers the above mentioned experiences in a satisfactory way snorkeling and dedicated Bar BQ areas are part of the park. There are no construction projects that might spoil your view. The sand feels relatively soft and clean except for some gravel and cigarette butts.

Jumeirah open Beach Park

This one is the largest and widest beach park among Dubai’s several other beaches. Formerly it was known as Russian beach due to the abundance east European visitors. The beach initially is lined with well-maintained toilets and showers, then there is a row of numerous tuck-shops that face the sea. You can buy snacks drinks and several other beach necessities as well. Due to its expanse the beach doesn’t get stuffed by the huge number of visitors during weekends. The beach is equipped with sports and fitness equipment to keep your body fit and sound.

Umm Suqiem Beach Park

Umm Suqiem beach is an ideal example of a classic family and surfing beach. Shops and snack bars line a part of the beach. The beach also offers a spectacular view of Burj al Arab. The beach is ideal for families visiting Dubai.

JBR beach

This beach is known for its convenient location with several food points within its proximity. Though the beach is not ideal for sports that require a flat surface but it provides for family water related activities this beach is not monitored by life guards so safety is your own duty.

4×4 beach

As the name slightly reveals the park is often lined with four wheelers mostly all wheel driven SUVs facing towards the sea. One of the two sides is lined with sky scrapers, Burj Khalifa can also be seen among them. The beach is ideal for sand running and a kind of beach safari.

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