Thailand is a famous holiday destination that attracts travelers and backpackers from every nook & corner of the world. This lovely destination has a lot to offer, more than anyone could imagine. Blessed with great natural beauty, warm weather, lovely culture, and immense opportunities of enjoyment & fun, Thailand is one of the topmost destinations preferred by holidaymakers for an escape. So, what exactly makes this destination so popular among vacationers, let’s check out:

Stunning beaches

Thailand is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world loved for their crystal clear azure water, great marine life, and ample opportunities like swimming, diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Thailand has wide variety of beaches, you simply won’t find anywhere else in the world. While some are known for their happening moonlit parties, and water sports adventures, other are a great option to relax and enjoy a placid day-out. Pattaya, KoSamui, KoLanta, Krabi, Phuket, HuaHin, and Ko Chang are some of the famous beach destinations you must visit during your Thailand tour.


Loaded with immense holidaying opportunities, lovely weather, finest accommodation options, and everything else that relates to a perfect vacation, travelers often doubt affording a Thailand tour. But, ask any travel agent or visitor and you will know that it is one of the most affordable destinations for backpackers. From resorts & guesthouses at $25 dollar per night to typical Thai Food at just $1 or less, you can easily find easily find everything in Thailand much more affordable than any other destination with such an aura.

Scrumptious food

Thai food is loved all over the world. Even though most of the restaurants around the world offer thai delicacies, no one can beat the taste that you can relish here. From range of salads, snacks, noodles, drinks to your favorite pad thai and curry, you will be spoilt for choices. And, how can one miss a trip down the gastronomical lane when you know that Thailand has the world’s best fried chicken.


From high end malls, luxury retail outlets, international brands to local bazaars, night markets & thrift stores, you will be amazed by the variety of shopping destinations in Thailand. From cool and quirky stuff to art and antiques, you can really bag in some great stuff from this place. The Chatuchak weekend is the largest market of Thailand, where you can really shop till you drop. Patpong Night Market, Pantip Plaza, Central World, Khao San Road, and Indra Square are some of the great places to visit for a shopping spree with Thailand tour packages.

Cultural attractions

From lovely religious attractions, museums, art galleries, to traditional dance shows, Thailand packages have a lot in store for its visitors. This place never runs out of options when it comes to a perfect sightseeing trip. Wat Pho, Grand Palace, WatPhraKaew, Sanctuary of Truth, KhaoYai National Park, Gloden Buddha, and WatRongKhun are most of the noteworthy attractions of Thailand tour packages.

Friendly locals

Heralded as the “Land of Smiles”, Thailand is known for its warm hospitality, and lovely people. The Thai people are one of the most lovely & friendly beings in the world. The people of Thailand actually greet their guests very warmly and with a lovely smile. Always ready to help out & really affectionate, you will really meet the most amazing locals in Thailand. It is one such countries where you can happily roam freely and can even make some great friends.


Home to destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya&Patong, Thailand is a paradise for party animals. The destinations is dotted with numerous restaurants, bars, and night markets that will set your heart pounding. Here you can enjoy and party till the wee hours till your heart’s content. The happening nightlife is one of the main attractions of Thailand packages and draws in a lot of foreign crowd.

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