Sedona offers numerous retreat locations, but none of them can match the serene environment and unforgettable experiences that Western Spirit Enrichment Center offers. Since its inception, it has helped thousands of people to discover their goals and objectives.

Here are the facts that you need to know about the Sedona retreats that we offer.

No Discrimination or Bias

We have a non-discrimination policy in place already.This makes our center ideal for people from all across the globe irrespective of their religion or denomination. Get in touch with our able customer care support team to learn more about the services packages that we offer.

Numerous Opportunities and Amenities to help you Discover Yourself

Over the years, we have put in place facilities and programs to help you to discover yourself and at the same time have fun. Our primary objective is to revitalize your life by facilitating psychological, body, and spiritual transformation and growth. To achieve this goal, we hold workshops, meditation, healing sessions, and exciting outdoor activities in the beautiful Great Canyon landscape such as boulder and rock climbing.

Available Workshops

We have worked smart to put in place some seminars that are tailored to enrich your life in an exciting, contemporary, and unique way. Our Sedona spiritual retreats program has several workshops that are tailored to empower you by equipping you with new skills and ability to explore your hidden potential. Here is a brief summary of three of our workshops.

  1. Living in Balance & Harmony: Creating and living a balanced life is not as easy as it sounds. The daily obligations sometimes force people to take a detour, and this makes the process of self-discovery feel like a struggle. Our experts will teach you how to live in harmony and balance. We will also explore four most important aspects that have an impact on your life; emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.
  2. Developing your Intuition: Intuition is a God given gift that we all have and can use to make informed decisions. We will train you on how to tap into the power of intuition and use as you go about your daily activities.
  3. Prayer and Meditation: Unknown to most people is that there is a difference between prayer and meditation. Our team will help you to decipher the distinction between the two and give you learn tools to help you pray and meditate on your own during and after the retreat.

Other workshops that we offer include;

  • Manifesting your heart’s desires
  • Chakra balancing
  • Healing your spirit
  • Choosing love over fear
  • Living in the moment
  • The body is a temple
  • Nurturing yourself through forgiveness
  • Listening with your heart
  • Embracing death and grief
  • Recognizing your abundance
  • Gratitude journaling
  • The power of affirmations
  • Communicating with your angels and guides
  • Experiencing enchanted love
  • The languages of love
  • Strengthening your relationships

You can choose 7 or 8 workshops that resonate with the goals and objectives that you want to accomplish from Sedona retreats. Call us today on 602-540-5808 to book your reservation. We look forward to revamping your life and wellness.