Over the past few years, the world has seen the industry of e-commerce rise to great heights. While many companies sprung up in this industry, few have gained as much popularity as Groupon. Having been founded in 2008, this company started off as a local e-commerce marketplace in Chicago, connecting service providers and local consumers. Soon, this company expanded to include operations across New York, Boston and Toronto and was being considered as a disruptive new company.


Today, Groupon serves over 500 markets spread out all over the world and is rapidly approaching the mark of 50 million customers. Employing over 10000 people, this company went public in 2011 and is listed on the NASDAQ. In 2014, this company boasted of revenues in excess of $3 billion. Having acquired many subsidiaries, this company is counted amongst one of the fastest to bring in sales revenue.

Operating as an online marketplace, this company connects local services to consumers by offering out special coupons and deals. Consumers can find an array of attractive deals and discounts across services offered by local vendors. Covering a large selection of services, consumers can find great deals and discounts on foods, drinks, spas and beauty salons, fitness and health service providers, electronics, automotive services, hotels and getaways and also many other local entertainment options.

These Groupon deals and discounts form the basis of the marketplaceā€™s business and by appealing to consumers local services can better promote and market themselves to a larger audience. While there certainly are other competitors offering out their own marketplaces and deal comparison websites, Groupon has the biggest presence worldwide and is also considered to be the biggest player in the market.

Groupon discount codes can be used by consumers to obtain the best deals offered out by local vendors at exciting prices. With the company having expanded to serve many cities spread out across different parts of the globe, consumers can expect to find excellent offers across their favorite local outlets. There are also deals offered across special gift categories featured every season and at any point of time, consumers can expect that this marketplace will definitely have something or the other in store for them.

While these local deals are certainly very attractive to consumers, the marketplace also comes to good use when one is travelling around. Groupon hotels offer the best lodging and staying options and the marketplace can also be used to find out about local restaurants, cafes and other entertainment options when travelling around.

Discount coupons and deals are offered out by many different web stores and marketplaces. However, Groupon is one marketplace which connects more vendors and consumers than any other. With more and more subscribers joining the marketplace every day, this company has certainly proven the fact that discounts and coupons can be effectively used to attract more consumers, benefitting both the consumers as well as service providers. It is certainly no wonder that this company has received such recognition and has won awards and accolades all over.