New South Wales is an unforgettable Australian State because it offers numerous attractions for tourists. This includes world class pristine beaches, array of historical landmarks and intriguing animal parks. However, in recent years nightlife of Sydney, has witnessed major resurgence that pull even more pleasure oriented tourists from all corners of the globe. With this in mind, following article is specifically designed to review some trending bars that are currently in existence in Sydney. In the hope that, this is your kind of thing and you will able to know which places can make your stay in this magical city remembering.

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To begin with, the iconic Sydney harbor happens to be a breathtaking place for nighttime activities. Here you will certainly see amiable crowds that are keen on dining and drinking in various eateries that are situated at the waterfront. This area is also a favorite spot for evening promenades and you will no doubt see quite a number of couples strolling without any care. This isn’t all. As the night progresses, you will not be shocked to see fruit bats that are pulled by swarms of moths and insects that are drawn by dazzling harbor lights.

It is undeniably a very picturesque setting, but amazing as it might seem, in past Sydney harbor offer very limited options for after dinner activities. This can be attributed to strict regulations that only allow some conventional pubs and eateries to serve liquor to their customers. Fortunately this has now changed thanks to the amendment of liquor licensing laws in the year 2007.

This has also given a rise to wide variety of bars in Sydney. Just like mushrooms in the wild, these bars have easing of the restrictive laws and more and more bars have cropped up around Sydney harbor laneways. Taking an excellent example, Absinthe Salon, which integrates Belle Epoque style. With its interior crammed with delightfully refreshing and decadent antiques, here you can enjoy your liquor at ease.

There is another amazing bar called Shady Pines, it is a whiskey bar, the moment you see it, it will remind you about notorious American Wild West era. Shady Pines is strategically located just off of Oxford Street.

Tilly Devine an another bar, lives up to classic bar reputation. This is, in essence, a low-ceiling, bare brick bolthole that relives the life and times of Tilly. Who happened to be an infamous brothel madam that plied her trade in these selfsame streets during 30s. This is definitely a must visit place if you find yourself in this part of Australia.

This is like they say; it is just the tip of an iceberg. And with sufficient time on your hand, you can discover plenty other bars and brothels Sydney. This will go towards long way that will guarantee you a breathtaking and memorable nightlife experience. Hope this article on Sydney’s nightlife is insightful for you and for your friends.