hotelasangiovannirotondoA simple place to live in with all the luxuries available makes a complete hotel. People always love to be pampered and treated with good care. If a hotel is located next to a church then it becomes much more convenient for the pilgrimage goers. At Albergo a San Giovanni Rotondo, a luxury inn situated near the shrine is an ideal choice for most tourists. Since it is located near a shrine, most tourist or visitors benefit the most of it. They are the entities who get royal treatment from this hotel. This place is known long for its excellent services allowing people to have a luxurious stay.

A magnificent interior is sure to welcome you with much needed royal and grandeur ambiance. After completing your trip to the nearby shrine and church, you will be welcomed by the generous staff of the hotel service. Every day you can plan a visit to a new place. Upon returning, you can expect to be greeted with fine dining services. At the end of the day when you are trying to look for a shelter over your head after returning from long journey, hotels are the best choice.

My wife and I had gone to the shrine of Padre Pio last year and we booked accommodated at hotel a San Giovanni Rotondo. It was the best devotional journey we had ever been to all these years. Our memorable stay here was the best part, which was far more fascinating than the place. We did not expect to have such a great time, as we did not have much to do apart from the visit to church. We had been to this city several times yet never found such an interesting hotel to stay. The in house services were simply impeccable. The courtesy services made our journey more pleasing with the luxurious rooms and additional services.

Every morning we woke to the smell of fresh breakfast served to us. The food served here was sure tasty and we had no clue how days passed by so quickly. Everything we had planned was flowing accordingly to the schedule, as we had not made any special trip to this city. We loved the ambiance of this hotel that was simply mesmerizing in its own way. We compared the services and facilities here with other hotels in the vicinity to learn about other options. Upon this, we realized that this option is the best deal.  We had a money saver journey at the shrine of Padre Pio only because of the hotel economico a San Giovanni Rotondo. This is the most affordable residing place in the entire area and I was happy to be a guest in this place.

The hotel was a space run by a family who understood every need of their guests. I was privileged to find a parking place for my car right in front of the hotel.  I could not believe such privileges were offered within a small looking structure. The staff was at our service all the time, which made for an excellent stay at hotel.

Hotel Immagine
Viale Aldo Moro, 150
San Giovanni Rotondo