Tel Aviv is a seaside city that is also the commercial headquarter of Israel. Tel Aviv was originally started by a group of Jewish families who immigrated from Palestine. The city is well known for its Bauhaus buildings, theatres and cafe restaurants.

Tel Aviv now has more than 20 boutique hotels and more new boutique hotels are being opened in this city every year. Some of them are located at the beaches while others are located at the historic buildings. For example, many boutique hotels in the White City are inspired by the Bauhaus architecture. These hotels are situated in original Bauhaus architecture buildings.They have restored every iconic feature and renovated it with lush color. In the White City, you can find boutique hotels located near to the Rothschild Boulevard and Shenkin Street. Image

Boutique hotels Tel Aviv are quite affordable and start from $150 to more than $300 per night. If you come to Tel Aviv with the aim of spending your day at the beach, you should stay at the boutique hotels that are located a few minutes to the beach. Many of the guest suites at the beach front boutique hotels are equipped with balconies so that you can enjoy the sea views and fresh breeze blowing in from the sea.

The rooms are equipped with climate control facility which allows you to control the ambiance in the room. The standard amenities in each room are flat TV screen, WIFI internet connection, blinds and lighting. Some hotels allow you to get DVDs from the reception front desk to watch in the room. You will be able to rent the beach chairs and bicycles from the boutique hotels. Every room is designed to be a suite and features quality finishes.

Many boutique hotels in Tel Aviv have open rooftops that are equipped with a number of lounge chairs. From the rooftop, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset scenery. There is usually also a guest lounge where you can get free drinks such as coffee. They also have an on-site restaurant that serves a variety of Mediterranean dishes. It is very convenient to stay at the boutique hotel in Tel Aviv and it is within 5 – 30 minutes walking distances to many attractions. Some of the attractions are Tel Aviv Port, Dizengoff Center and Rothschild Boulevard.

Every boutique hotels in Tel Aviv is stylishly designed with unique architecture features. It offers elegant lobby with a lot of seating areas. Some have an in house art galleries where you can view all kinds of masterpiece artworks. There are covered parking areas that offer free parking spaces for guests.

Boutique hotels Tel Aviv are suitable for both business travelers and people who have come to Tel Aviv for a holiday trip. If you want to find a boutique hotel for your upcoming visit at Tel Aviv, it is recommended that you use the online hotel search engine. In the online hotel search engine, you can choose a neighborhood in the map and compare the hotels in the area. You can use criteria such as star rating, theme, and hotel brand when comparing the hotels.