Travelling is of course a lot of fun and adventure. But there are times when those adventures come in excess, and you will be stuck in a natural disaster or in worst cases, have some diseases due to that disaster.

Every traveler should make sure that they are having proper knowledge about the warning systems, evacuation routes, and shelter areas (if you are travelling in a high risk area) of the place. This is best because when those disasters happen, there won’t be anyone explaining you all of these things.
Another great thing to note about the city, is the past information about their natural disasters. Because then you will be knowing how worse those natural disaster can go, and what and how you can prepare for it.
Diseases Are Always Included
Natural disasters almost always come with different diseases. Floods are most famous for transferring water born diseases, and in some developing nations, even heavy rainfall can cause these diseases. Not to mention that typhoid is also present in most developing nations.
Flood is only one way through which the water and sewage systems of a city are disrupted. There are many different natural calamities like that. Travelers should know how to detox water before drinking it, and also make sure that the food they are eating, is not contaminated. If you are injured during your trip, you should make sure that you have all the tetanus boosters and that you are taking good care of your wound to prevent it from getting contaminated with soil, feces, etc.
There are many diseases that can be prevented through vaccines. Travelers are always advised to get proper vaccines and that they are not suffering from any diseases before travelling to another country.
The Injuries
Natural disasters are most famous for causing huge amounts of deaths every year. And even though it includes the deaths that are caused due to different diseases, it only amounts to just a fraction of the total deaths. Most deaths are caused due to different things, such as crushing under something, getting drowned in flood waters, etc.
Travelers are advised to take extra caution during these times. Driving through water waves should be prevented to avoid your car from sliding along with the water. It is these times when we see different properties of water that challenge our traditional rules that we studied in physics. And so to avoid any mistakes, we should take extra caution.
Environmental Information
Other than the knowledge about natural calamities, one should also have complete environmental information. It is important to know how the environment would be like during a natural disaster, and whether it would be appropriate to travel back to your home country at that time.
In many cities, dust clouds are formed due to excessive structural damage to the buildings. These dust clouds can cause different health risks, such as the development of coccidioidomycosis.
Travelers who are immune-compromised, or who think that they wouldn’t be able to survive in such conditions, should take extra caution before travelling.

Lastly, fun and adventure should be the main focus of every traveler. But considering these factors are also important, because we never want to get that experience destroyed or spoilt.