Wish to get acquainted to the New York City??? Well, first check out the 6% of the Manhattan city, stretching across 6 miles. Well, yes, it is the Central Park, built on swampland, pig farms and quarries. This dazzling backyard of New York is beautiful, green and rich in amazing flora and fauna. The park attracts over 25 million visitors annually to enjoy its meadows, greenery, hills and lakes. There are over 500000 shrubs and trees, 52 fountains, plethora of sculptures and monuments and thousands of benches to rest. One can always see a colorful group of skater, pedestrians, joggers and cyclists walking past them.

The Central Park tours are all about walking, horse rides and carriages, skating, biking and jogging. Yes, the place is a perfect gateway to retreat from the chaotic and busy museums and restaurants for a while and enjoy some time alone. One could simply walk around the sections and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the place. While you have skates, chess and croquet for adults, kids can entertain themselves with workshops, playgrounds, carousel and discovery centers.

A Helpful Way to Check out the Park On Feet

The best way to plan a visit to the park is by walking. There are several companies which offer Central Park walking tours. If you’re really interested in being a part of the group and enjoying amazing company with a guided tour, then this is a perfect choice to go for. Get an idea about the massiveness of this 840 acre park by walking the pedestrian pathways. Just put on your shoes, get familiar with a map, download the navigations from the internet or hire a guide and check out what best the park has for you.

Spend your Afternoon in the Park

A wooden tree, Ramble with streams and pathways is the highlight of the park, a migratory route stoppage is the perfect location for bird watching. The walk also brings you to 36 bridges, Bethesda Terrace and artificial lakes. No wonder riding on carriage and bike riding will bring in more excitement to your tour, but a small walk in of the sections of the Park will definitely be a mesmerizing experience. Delight yourself by adding this phenomenal activity to your to-do list. Spend a sunny afternoon in Central Park with friends and family and get some amazing time for yourself and your family. It is certainly the best thing to do when you’re paying a trip to Central Park, New York.

While you could get lost in this enormous walk land, opting for Central Park walking tours is the perfect option for newbies. If you’re visiting Central Park for the first time, then going for a reliable company is the appropriate option. These companies charge a little amount to guide you through the attractive places of the park and pave your way to the exit door in a friendly and safe manner. Plan a picnic or a lazy afternoon book reading in the Park and visit it in the delighted afternoon for an amazing experience. You are certainly going to love it.