Guess what happens when you combine sun, sand, bicycle path and a little bit of solid waves – an absolute explosion of fun and exciting parties! Before you pack your bags and take the fastest jet to the fantastic town that is Surfside, FL make sure that you have your ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) Visa ready. If you don’t have ESTA Visa yet, you can easily apply for it online. Else, hop on the next flight or perhaps take your personal jet for the fascinating adventure of your life.

Surfside is a beautiful Town in the midst of the tropical paradise of South Florida. This Town, no matter how small it may appear, has all the perks you need from beaches, fabulous malls to public parks and playgrounds. Think about a condensed travel plan, you’ve got it right – it’s an efficient way to have more fun within a short while.

Let’s start with the waves, yes take a surf board somewhere and wait for the next wave to ride. Be on your greatest form if you want to attract the scantily clad coeds on the shore probably looking at how you’re going to make or break your surfing show. Nonetheless, if surfing’s not one of your skills, simply relax whilst looking at the horizon over mesmerizing blue waters with white tip waves. Feel the majestic sand on your feet and think about nothing, just fun.

Basically, most of the Town’s visitors only go to the beach but let’s admit it, you’ll soon tire of the warm waters and look for some dry land activities so get your gear and let’s move out of the beach. There are practically a lot of ground to cover but fortunately, all popular shopping malls and public parks are just within walking distance from the hotels and resorts.

And just when you think you’ll run out of malls for your shopping therapy, you’ll be surprised that the Town is practically built for shopping. There’s too many boutiques for your mad shopping spree. Perhaps, you will find Bal Harbour Shops quite fascinating. This high end mall has it all from the elegant and exquisite names such as Armani, Gucci, and Saks to name a few. Don’t worry if you’re light on budget because, I’m pretty sure there’s a particular boutique where you can find amazing gifts and souvenir items.

Most of the resorts and lodgings have their own restaurant but if you’re looking for some fine dining, the Town has you covered. You can choose from Greek, Italian, and Kosher restaurants. There are also Asian restaurants with the popular spices from India and Thailand giving you that delicious and exotic taste enhanced by Asian spices.

To culminate your Town experience, make sure that you go on a long trek covering the Town’s lovely beachfront. You can even rent a bicycle and follow the bicycle path lined with palm trees and various plants. Running on a backdrop of a gorgeous golden horizon whilst the sun sets is simply a breathtaking experience. It makes you stop and appreciate just how lucky you are to be alive. The Town will simply get you rejuvenated in no time.