The real estate market has gotten really expensive and property shopping is now a luxury only the luck few can afford. In your metro cities, the property prices are so high that the common man cannot afford housing here anymore. Even though there is a demand for space and housing in metro cities, not many can afford to invest here. Real Estate Mumbai has seen the effects of this recently. There was a report recently that many plats that cost 2Crores and above has no takers! So if you are among the lucky ones who can afford to buy an apartment in Mumbai, consider yourself really lucky. It is said that one can buy anything in Mumbai, if one has the money. Mumbai boasts of some ultra luxurious apartments. If you have a big property shopping budget, here are a few amenities that are worth splurging on.

Gym- As we all know that Mumbai is famous for its traffic and its chaos. It takes a lot of time to travel from one place to another. After work it is impossible to go far distances; it will only cause further fatigue. When one has a gym within the building compound, it is great news. Now there is no excuse for not working out. Working out in the helps one keep fit and in shape. In today’s modern world we are so accustomed to working in cubicles that our body does not get any exercise. But a gym in the locality ensures you take care of you body and overall health.

Location-  If you get a flat that is close to your work place, you not just ending up saving a lot of money, but also a lot of time which could be used for something else productive and increase the quality of your life. If you have the money it is definitely worth spending it on a flat that is close to your work place. If one cannot find a good flat near ones place of work at least consider its proximity to other modes of transport like airports, train stations, bus depots and stops etc so that commuting becomes easier and faster. Also factor in other areas of entertainment like theatres, shopping malls and your favorite restaurants before buying a property. Having these things close buy is definitely worth the extra splurge.

Parking Space- If you own a car, try finding a building that has on compound parking space. In metro cities one ideally has to shell out money even for parking space, but it is definitely worth it. You will not have the headache of finding a parking spot daily outside the compound. Add to that the risk of damage by external forces like violets drunk men, naughty kids playing, stray animals or just the nature’s force. The vehicle is always safe when kept inside the compound, under shelter. If your building provides a parking facility, the money is worth it.

Pet friendly housing– In metro cities, sometimes it gets difficult to find pet friendly housing; especially if you are looking for a rented space. Even if your landlord agrees, the society members are usually not okay with the idea of tenants having pets. In such a scenario one is lucky to find housing where pets are allowed, even if one has to pay extra cash. Also make sure that you locality has parks and empty roads, so that you can take our pets for walks (Especially if it is a dog). Additionally having a vet and pet shops in your locality is a bonus.