Goa is one place to fulfill all your desires. Goa has to offer you a range of water sports, walk near the beaches, nightlife, living in shacks and much more. There are a good number of apartments for rent in Goa too, if people wish to stay there for long. It is no doubt that Goa is humid and hot in Summer, but there is nothing to be disappointed about. Be assured that a place like Goawould not disappoint you even during summers. There is always a scope for the party lovers.

Anjuna Beach is one place that is the most happening during summers. Below are a few reasons why your summer trip would be worth it:


  1. Economical:

Summers are cheap and will make you fall in love with this place. Even the most luxurious and best hotels will give you the most economical rates during summer. Right starting from the flight tickets till the sightseeing tours, everything will get you amazing discounts and offers.

  1. Shopping celebration:

Save your energy from bargains as the place for shopping is going to be damn cheap for the Shopaholics. You may easily enter the market even with a limited budget as the shopping experience is awesome during summers.

  1. More privacy and less tourists:

Goa is a tourist attraction which makes it disappointing for the Indians, as the hotels do not pay much of an attention to the Indians. Thus, summer will make you drag all the attention towards you as thereare limited tourists. Less tourists also result in less crowd, leaving more privacy and space for you to enjoy your journey in solitude.

  1. Water sports:

Water sports and splashing in water are best enjoyed when the sun is almost setting in the evening. This gives a beautiful experience for those who are sports lovers.

  1. Nightlife:

The craze for nightlife has never gone down in Goa, irrespective of the season and climate. The clubs are still seen playing loud music, especially the most loved Trance music. There is no shortage of the nightlife crowd, especially the club goers. Beer in Goa is almost as cheap as water in other places. It is one of the most demanded drinks during the summer by people who love the idea of hanging around on a bike ride, sipping few cans of beer.