In Livorno, charming town on the Tyrrhenian coast, the Tuscan traditions merge with the cultures of the Mediterranean, creating an international atmosphere, lively and colorful.

A unique and original story that characterizes the sixteenth century Livorno as an open and welcoming city, where the presence of community and foreign nations has influenced the culture leaving indelible marks on the territory. The many churches, cemeteries, and the palaces of the old town bear witness to this variety of religions and traditions, which have made Livorno a meeting point and multi-ethnic exchange.

A sunny city where the mild climate allows you to make, in any season, scenic walks on the waterfront, romantic excursions in the canals by boat or on the gentle green hills.

For those who enjoy trekking in the mountains, a shore excursions Livorno excursion really interesting is the one that starts from the Valle Benedetta and crosses of Livorno Mountains Park. By Benedetta Valley takes the road of Sambuca. Follow the road and close to a clear junction, turn left and being able to observe, on the hill on the left the remains of a windmill. After about half an hour it come out of the woods in a scenic area. Soon you will reach, on the right, the ruins of an old area in a panoramic position, in loc. Calvary.
From here you continue your walk downhill having as a directional reference a great and unique lonely pine. From pine continues on the ridge: since there are no reports will follow at the beginning of hunters track, then following the uncertain traces pointing to the valley floor keeping slightly to the left of the ridge: this is the section of the route that requires greater attention to the ‘ orientation and progress through dense vegetation.
At the end of the descent, after about 10-15 minutes, it intersects a clear path with a T-junction: turn right up to the simple of the river ford. Almost immediately we reach a wooden hut not far from a stone farmhouse. From now follow the road until a descent you go left downhill and at the next junction near, keep right, descending into the dense vegetation up to an old mill. After crossing the river, turn right (red white paint C.A.I.), passing the mill structure to our left.

The route continues up the valley along the structure of Colognole aqueduct stone, up to a dirt road where you turn left to reach near the asphalt road for Collesalvetti that you haven’t to cross. On the right is clearly visible track of a track from the bumpy uphill before reaching a junction where you go right continuing until Pianone House. Go along the walkway of cypress and, arrived at the home gate, turn left and follow the fence to the placing of a mule track that, going into the thick vegetation (the last stretch follows the piles of electrical cable), arrives on the dirt, already covered at the beginning of the route, closing the circle and returning to Valle Benedetta.