As the economy continues to get worse and worse there is only one thing for sure, which is nothing is going to get cheaper. Companies try to do everything they can to make as much money as possible on each and every sale to make up for a lack of overall sales numbers. While this may be fantastic for the company owner it is horrible for the customers.


One of the areas continuing to increase in cost is travel, which has led to a rise in the number of travel auction websites on the Internet today. On the surface it may look like each and every vacation auction site is the same as all other bidding sites, in fact, auction sites couldn’t be any more different if they tried. At Ubidugo we are travelers too so we have made sure that our penny bid location is the best it could possibly be for the customer. We would like to take a moment to walk you through the few very simple steps needed to get on with winning your first penny auction.

The first you have to do with our vacation auction site is to register. Many other places on the Internet force you to go through a long and rigorous registration process before you can even place your first penny bid. We know the longer you spend during the registration process the less time you have to enjoy the incredible travel auction deals we offer. Not only is our registration completely free but it will only take you a few minutes. Once you finish registering you will get a confirmation e-mail containing a link to follow. At this point you will be off and running.

One of the things our travel auction customers enjoy the most about Ubidugo is we will give you five free bids to get you started on the vacation auction of your dreams. We know once you see the incredible penny auction items we have your five bids will not last very long. We make purchasing bids extremely affordable and very convenient by bundling them in travel bid packs. In order to make it simple for you to compile your bids we accept all of the most convenient payment options including American Express and Discover card.

Now that we have covered the basic steps you have to take initially it is time to discuss the most exciting part of the process, which is bidding on a fantastic travel auction. Unlike many other bidding sites, our website will post amazing new deals each and every day of the week, ranging from the top hotels in the world to bid packages and travel accessories. While other auction sites offer the same old thing over and over again, every single time you log onto our site you’ll find something new and exciting. Once you get to this point there are only a couple of steps to take before you are able to pack up and go on the trip you win through your very first vacation auction. The first step is to do everything you can to contain your excitement and select from one of the many penny auction options we have to choose from and the second step is to make a penny bid until you win what you’re after.

We know when you look on the Internet for a travel auction website you are inundated with a lot of different options. We know we are the best out of the bidding sites and do everything we can to prove to you that no other auction sites can even come close to us. From our extremely fast and free registration process to the five free bids we offer each one of our clients, we are the place to go for all of your travel needs. We understand our vacation auction website has to continue to earn your respect each and every time you log on so we make a promise to you that we will continue to present you with superb penny auction travel deals each and every time you log into your account. We’ve worked very hard to build an incredible reputation and have absolutely no intention of letting it slide.