Travel inwards towards freedom
Tantra is a holy pathway and a conduit for sacred sexuality, whereby you come to understand the unification of your carnal and spiritual bio-energies. In so doing, you experience the divinity in yourself, your partner and in all aspects of life. Tantra focuses on conversion of energy. It directs us to change our life-force energy and sexual energy into spiritual energy for the purpose of spiritual enrichment, expansion and ultimate enlightenment. Within the framework of Tantra, sexual interaction and experiences aid our spiritual advancement €” which includes creating a connection, of blessed blissful love with our partner and ourselves. Thus Tantra can be practises a solo or in a couple, with the aim of knowing and accepting yourself and your partner.

Tantra came to the west, pioneered in a new form, known as Neo- Tantra. Its renaissance can be attributed mainly to the enlightened Tantric master Osho Rajneesh and his disciples, the emphasis on mantras, positions and ritual and placed it on spiritual consciousness, and a unique combination of meditation, non-attachment, risk-taking, wildness and spontaneity. The issue was to go deep, find your true core and express it in its fullness €” both in life and in your sexuality. Tantra also shares ancient tradition with its roots in Hinduism and Buddhism practices.
Aims within Tantric Massage session here at The London Tantric Temple include;

1.) Activate energies in the body
2.) Still the mind.
3.) Arouse sexual energy.
4.) Transform passion
5.) Enjoy the Tantra-delight.

Why not try the following exercise today; we suggest finding sitting or lying in a calm space, perhaps with some relaxing music playing – the perfect meditation to travel within, stilling your mind and leaving you in a relaxed and present state;
Take 3 deep, conscious breaths€¦
Place your hand in the centre of your chest (on the heart chakra)
Just breathe€¦
Repeat this affirmation over and over again until you feel something shift within.

Then focus on your sexual energy and place your hand on your abdomen€¦ with your other hand still on your heart and focus on the connection between your heart energy and your sexual energy€¦.and remember€¦.you truly are free! I AM FREE!
Then comment on how you felt and what, if any emotions came up for you during this simple, yet highly effective meditation