So much better!

Vacation rentals are becoming an increasingly popular option for people looking to take time off for so much needed rest and relaxation. Why? They are a better option compared to hotel rooms. You have more space, exclusive use of amenities like the pool, hot tubs, beach fronts and all that, privacy and sweet serene silence, among many other advantages.

However, with the good comes a little bad and in this case, it is the headache of finding and booking the perfect home for you and your family or friends. You see, with hotels, the prices are standard as are the amenities and other offers. With homes, however, they are as different as the homeowners and so are the price points. So it can be pretty tricky trying to get a home, but trust me, it will be worth it.

What you need to know

To help your search for that perfect holiday rental, whether they are Hollywood hills vacation rentals or mansions in the Hamptons, we’ve formulated a few questions for you to ask the homeowner or the rental agency before making any commitments:

  1. Cancellation policy

Experts advise that you should be very clear on the property cancellation policies. They are usually much stricter than for hotels, for obvious reasons, so you need to know what the terms are before signing. You could have an unavoidable family emergency or a weather-related one and you should find out what will happen to your deposit and whether you can reschedule.

  1. Getting into the house

Where and how will you get the keys? You need to discuss this in case you are delayed and the homeowner is not at hand to receive you. Some homeowners send the key or the key codes while others leave the keys in a safe place for you to find them. It can be pretty frustrating to be locked out after coming all the way so please confirm this.

  1. Speaking of keys…

When you are a large group, you need to know how many keys are available. There may be additional costs to make additional keys so you need to know about that. This is important in case you all will be going in different directions.

  1. Cleaning

You should not assume that this works like in a hotel room so make sure to get the details on this. You may be expected to clean up after yourselves or be charged extra for leaving the house messy. You may also be expected to pay for the cleaning while you are at the home so make sure to confirm these details.

  1. Stores and attractions

Ask about the restaurants, stores and other attractions that are open at that time of the year, especially if you are getting an off-season rental. You may need a few things at odd hours or a place to hang out and enjoy yourself, so make sure to check what is open and how far it is from the house to avoid getting stranded or bored on your trip.

Author Bio

Mace Bollione is an avid traveler and owns a few Hollywood hills vacation rentals. She lives in Malibu with her husband, their two boys, a dog, a cat and a parrot.